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Data Scientist

Learn in just 12 weeks one of the most demanded skills.

Course highlights

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Duration & Schedule

12 weeks, full time Monday to Friday.

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Location & Dates

Vienna, from 9th of January.

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8.490€, with several education funding options available.


A client provides us a huge database which is impossible to manage manually. Me must clean and analyse it as a whole. By working with Python on the backend, you will develop the ability to manage and analyse large volumes of data for decision making.

Our client asks us to implement some algorithms to solve a specific issue. You will use Web Scraping methods and develop a machine learning algorithm in order to solve it. You will learn everything you need about Regression Algorithms. 

This time, our client is from the finance industry and focuses in Trading. They ask us to apply our knowledge to study the crypto market, and to help them to predict prices. In order to do that, you will use Classification algorithms and Time Series.

A big marketplace requests our services. They need to predict if customers will complete a purchase or not, based on their browsing behaviour. This is the last stage, and you will use advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

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