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What is a coding bootcamp?

A bootcamp is a type of intensive course that, in few weeks, will provide you the necessary abilities to start your professional career in the IT sector. We use learning by doing methodology for teaching. That means a lot of practice and immersion projects. During the whole process, you will be accompanied by our mentors. What is more, your day to day will be a simulation of a real job. Thanks to this, when you finish the course, you will be familiarized with the working environment and able to add real value to the company from the first day.

Why choose our bootcamp?

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As you complete the projects, you will include them in your portfolio. This is the best way to impress your future employer!

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Remember that it is not necessary to have previous experience. What counts is motivation and self-discipline!

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The training will not only include focus on technical skills, but also the soft ones. Be sure that you will not lack group work and creative tasks.


At Campsite, in opposition to the university, we believe in strong practice (not learning by heart) and we follow Agile methodology that allows us to simulate real working conditions from the labour market. You will be given a map, but you will have to discover the path on your own by putting enough effort and resolving problems in order to progress with your project.

This is our identity, and in the opinion of our ex-students, it works.

We start the day with a Stand-Up meeting, when you share what you did yesterday, what are you going to do today and what blocks you. This is how a real life team leader checks the project progress. In this way the mentor will know how to help you and how you are facing challenges.

You may need some help, or maybe you have to think out of the box to be able to progress.

During the day there will be enough time for everything. Sometimes we will ask you to work with your team and sometimes on your own. It may happen that your mentor will decide to reorganize teams, and you will have to adapt to work with different people. It is also possible that project requirements will change, and you will have to improvise.

Does it sound familiar? Exactly like in real life.


To finish, we meet around our virtual campfire and talk.

Agile is a flexible and efficient project management method. Nowadays, it is a standard in IT and tech, and you should learn it from the beginning.

In opposition to the traditional way of project management, this method invests less time planning in advance. Agile is much more flexible when it comes to changes due to modification of initial requirements. This is why you need to train your adaptation skills. It will be necessary when you find a job in the IT sector.

During the bootcamp your mentor will divide projects into blocks like Epics, Sprints, User Stories etc., and you will have specifics delivery dates of each MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Perhaps you already know this methodology, and if not, you will know those concepts soon perfectly, and you will ask yourself where they have been your whole life.

Your mentor will guide you through the official documentation of different tools, so you can work according to real needs. Just as if you were working in a real company. The mentor will be your guide and always will be there to support you. But you will be the one that has to roll your sleeves and move forward step by step.

The stage that you are about to start requires a lot of effort. Remember: the bigger your effort, the bigger the reward you can get from our coding bootcamp.

Kick-off: 9th of January

Let's talk around the campfire​

You decide when we can talk and discover how we can help you to upgrade your professional profile.