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Duration & schedule

12 weeks, full time
Monday to Friday.

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Location & dates

Vienna. Early adopters group:
Autumn-Winter 2022.

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Full-Stack Dev: 6.900 €
Data Science: 8.490 €

Kick-off: Vienna, Autumn-Winter 2022.

Our bootcamps

Full-Stack Web Developer


Block 1 - HTML and CSS websites
Block 2 - Javascript dynamic data display
Block 3 - App backend creation
Block 4 - Client-side app creation

Data Science


Block 1 - Data visualization and programming
Block 2 - Price predictions using data
Block 3 - Data Science applied to crypto market
Block 4 - Marketplace customer behaviour

Financial aid

We offer flexible financial aid options. Each of them tailored to suit your needs. Get in touch and discover the perfect for you.

Learning by doing

Although you will be exposed to technical knowledge, your main focus will be being hands-on.

Same as in a real world company, you will face challenging projects. With its requirements and goals, with its ups and downs.

Your daily routine will start with a quick stand-up meeting. You will be asked by your mentor about what you did yesterday, what you are going to do today and what is blocking you to achieve it. Depending on your answer, you will receive personalized feedback.

You will learn the IT industry-standard: agile. It’s the most efficient way compared to the traditional project management methods. In short – be ready for less planning, more adaptability and flexibility to changes.

Admissions process

This is the first contact and the moment when you tell us about your objectives. We will be listening carefully. You will also meet the team that will be next to you during the whole course. Once you tell us what excites you, we will help you to reach your goals.

In order to guide you best, we want to know your abilities, and how you handle different situations. We will set a few challenges for you, and after you will receive  detailed feedback that will be useful for your professional future.

We have already received the most important information from you. Now we will grant you access to the first part of pre-work, which will help you start the bootcamp on the right foot. This pre-work is a series of logical games in order to make sure that you are ready to learn from the first day.

After finishing the orientation test, and meeting the rest of the team during the pre-work part, you are about to start the expedition. We know that you are ready to join us in this adventure. This is the moment to book your place and receive access to the remaining part of the pre-work.

Are you ready to prepare your backpack? It is time now to walk an intensive path. Our mentors will be always on your side, so if you get exhausted or discouraged, they will make sure that any obstacle cannot stop you. The adventure starts here! 

Our values

At CampSite we have put together a team whose cultural values guide us in the everyday decision-making process. 

We strongly believe in them and we are glad to share them with you:

The technical part is not the most important
The soft skills are the cornerstone to be a great professional, that is why we pay a lot of attention to them. Response capacity, team work, adaptation and flexibility are fundamental.
From beginner to job candidate
Start without any coding abilities, and we will walk with you until you find a job. CampSite team has a wide experience in the education sector, and we are proud of having helped more than 1,000 students from all over the world.
We want to make sure that we understand your values and goals
It is essential for us to be aligned and know that you are choosing the most suitable option for you at this moment.
Coherence during the whole process
You will always know what to expect from the training and other aspects related to CampSite.
Aligned values
We are looking for students who will share the same values that guide us. Among others, we can list: motivation, hard work, perseverance, concentration and positive energy.
Entrepreneurial spirit
We expect from you the ability to start and undertake tasks on your own.
Don’t #@!% the customer
We are always honest with the customers. The students are the core of our business and without making them happy, our mission is impossible.
Be the change that you are looking for
As well as employees, students should have courage and resources in order to boost a change. At the same time make that learning, colleagues and the working place become better. The constant improvement is everyone’s responsibility, but taking action is an individual decision.

Let's talk around the campfire

You decide when we can talk and discover how we can help you to upgrade your professional profile.